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Book Tip// The Life Changer

Book Tip// The Life Changer - Lou and Lea
Book Tip// The Life Changer

Today I want to share with you a book called “The Life Changer.” It was given to me in exchange for an honest review and I must say it is incredibly helpful in a lot of ways. The 53 pages long e-Book by helps you to change the way you live your life, understand your body better and eat healthier. I tried it out and it really motivated me and made me a lot happier, especially in regards to my body.

The book is mainly divided into three part., Food, Exercise, and Recipes. I will talk a little about all of them to give you a better understanding of what the book is about!



The special thing about this book – and something I haven’t really seen in other health books- is that it explains the health benefits of the individual foods very understandable. Even for someone like me who hasn’t got a clue about Nutrition or Macronutrients and the like. After reading this book I know a lot more about the things I actually eat and how to use them to get the best outcome for me. It is very well explained how Fats, Protein, Carbohydrate and much more affect our bodies.

Additionally to that many tips, tricks and examples are shared throughout the book. What I also really liked are all the helpful sheets inside the book, like the “Food Swap Sheet” that lists different foods and their healthier options next to them. So you know what foods you can exchange for something else. Or the “Example Day of healthy Foods” that gives advice on what to eat on what time of the day.



I love, love, love that this book is getting rid of all these stereotypes about going to the gym and exercising. Reading it felt like finally being told the truth by an honest person who doesn’t just want to profit from your wish to become healthy but really wants to help you fulfill your wish! Many times I found myself going “Ooooh I didn’t even know that!” while reading the exercise pages.

The authors have collected 6 very effective workouts that made me sweat! Oh, boy, did they make me sweat! But it was very fun and not lacking in variety. They tell you exactly how long the workout goes and what you have to do. What the book also provides is a logbook where you can track your progress of weight, exercises, and reps throughout the week. And a chart to monitor your progress via your body measurements.



The biggest priority of the authors is that you have fun while eating! And this book makes it really fun! Not only the eating but the cooking too! Because the recipes are specially made for busy people like you and me who don’t have the time to prepare a meal for an hour or more every day. The recipes are easy, fast and healthy.

There are also some lovely tips about your eating habits like “If you are looking to cut down on portion size, use a smaller plate. This will trick your brain into thinking that you have actually had more! It’s also a great idea to put your knife and fork down between mouthfuls!”. This is my favorite tip but there are a lot more in the book. What I liked the most were the Smoothie Recipes. Who doesn’t love a good smoothie?

My tip: I personally recommend the Blueberry Smoothie, it was very delicious. Food wise, I loved the Chicken Florentine Tortell! But this is only my personal preference, you should go and see what you like best.


For someone who is fairly new to living a healthier lifestyle what I loved most about this book is how detailed it is, but yet very easy to understand. It helps me a lot throughout my day, telling me exactly what to do and what to eat and giving me examples and tips and tricks on how to achieve the best outcome.


If you are interested to read it, you can get it on the link below

Click here to get “the Life Changer” 


I would love for you guys to share what you want to improve; Food, Workout or both? I am a Sloth, so I really needed to change both! What about you?



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