You wish you were a creative person. You wish you were talented, skillful, more creative, original, and vibrant. You want colors in your life, brushes, canvases, and pencil strokes. You want art. You see the beautiful pieces out there and wish you could do that too. Being creative, crafty, artistic, and talented. You want to awaken your inner artist and fuse them with your outer self to be able to express yourself and fill your heart with all the beauty in this world.

So, do I. All my life I have wanted to create. Create beautiful things, create ugly things, create funny things or sad things. And I never did because I was too scared to fail or face the challenges it may bring.

But let me tell you a secret:

Everyone can be creative.


I’m Lea and I have always felt a fascination about all kinds of art. Acrylic, pencil sketches, Watercolors, knitting, writing, photography, basically everything you can imagine. There is probably nothing I haven’t tried before, I just love to work with my hands and I feel a deep joy every time I produce something.

And you will too.

You’ve been drawing all your life? Great! You need inspiration? Amazing! You have never held a pencil before but want to start drawing? Perfect! No matter why you are here, this is the place for you if you want art, creativity, and inspiration to live a happy, colorful, and vibrant life.

I strongly believe that everybody can become an artist or a creative person. Humans have always created, it’s in their nature, it’s what they’ve always been doing and the reason we are here right now, right here. It’s just a matter of opening your heart to it because there is an artist slumbering inside you too!

Let’s find out what that inner artist is dying to say to you and the world. I’m sure they have a lot to tell.

With this blog, I am helping you to find your inner artist and creativity. Together we will find out who you are, how to feel inner peace and get more connected to the world so you will be able to be creative and love life to the fullest.  I share posts to inspire, motivate and encourage you to create, take part in monthly or weekly challenges to train our creative muscles and create and share artwork and advice to express my passion for art and life.


Are you ready to meet your inner artist?

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